Oh What a Concept…

“What a concept” is all we heard at the Unified Symposium this year. What a concept kept playing over in my head as the days went on and as I sit here writing this blog I begin to think even more about it. A concept like this is so simple in yet no product has […]

What does the Concept Cover do? Check it out!

Oh Harvest…

   The spring left us with high hopes for the year, everything about it was a breeze. That was until the summer started to creep it’s way into our happy thoughts and positive outlook. It all happened kind of slowly at first, the vines were all beautiful, neat and orderly green rows covering the rolling […]

The Concept Cover and how it works!

To get a better idea about our Concept Covers and how they work see our Promo Video    

The walk through winter

       Okay, lets look into the month of January, I would compare this time in the vineyard to that indescribable silence that you experience many times in your life but can never explain, that comforting peace that only you can explain to yourself. As Stephen and I walk the vineyard in January it […]


  I don’t know what it is but Calaveras is Hot Hot Hot. Wait, I do know what it is and Calaveras has got it going on. Whether you are hiking through the beautiful big trees state park that echo’s with the chirps of happiness, fishing on the side of the sparkling Lake Alpine or […]

Consulting/ Management throughout the U.S

Vineyard Concepts has recently decided to expand it’s Consulting/ Management not just to Ca but throughout the U.S, providing knowledge and experience in growing unique varieties in many different micro climates, elevations and soil types, specializing in high elevation viticulture. For more information about Stephens services or for a quote please go to our contact […]

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