Oh What a Concept…

“What a concept” is all we heard at the Unified Symposium this year. What a concept kept playing over in my head as the days went on and as I sit here writing this blog I begin to think even more about it. A concept like this is so simple in yet no product has been created that could change the agriculture world in such a huge way. In my mind, over the past couple of years I have imagined it would take an “out of the box” thinker to see the beauty in such a simple concept. When I stood in the Concept Cover booth at the 2015 Unified Grape Symposium I was in awe of the amazing minds that came up to us, the amazing “Out of the Box” thinkers that are in the Wine Industry. I began to think that the Wine Industry is changing, these once one way minded growers, winemakers and owners are adapting to the ever-changing circumstances of the world. They are adapting and viewing the possibilities that are out there with an open mind, so much as to see such a simple product in all its glory and for the immense possibilities it truly has. As I sit here writing this now it gives me hope that not only am I a part of such a growing industry but I am a part of an industry that is growing and changing and seeing things in a different light. I am also a part of a company who has built their success around thinking out of the box and now I get to help in spreading that into the industry.

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