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New Product Alert!!

Check out our fabulous single bubble bee cover. These covers will keep your bee’s warm all winter. Don’t let your bee’s go cold, cover them!! Inquire for additional sizes and bulk pricing. The standard size as shown below is 28.99 + Tax and Shipping. Go to our Shop page to place your order or email […]

Certified Sustainable

As a Vineyard Management company, we make a big impact on the earth. What we do in the vineyard can impact the biodiversity and ecosystems all around us. So we have always practiced sustainable techniques to make sure that we are treating the environment the way it should be treated. We now are certified sustainable […]

The Vintage of Little

This year’s vintage can simply be described as little. The water was little, the berries were little, the yields were little, the crews were little and the deliveries were little but like most little things this vintage had something to prove. Although the berries this year looked weak and quite scrawny resembling a pea, not […]

Oh Harvest…

   The spring left us with high hopes for the year, everything about it was a breeze. That was until the summer started to creep it’s way into our happy thoughts and positive outlook. It all happened kind of slowly at first, the vines were all beautiful, neat and orderly green rows covering the rolling […]


  I don’t know what it is but Calaveras is Hot Hot Hot. Wait, I do know what it is and Calaveras has got it going on. Whether you are hiking through the beautiful big trees state park that echo’s with the chirps of happiness, fishing on the side of the sparkling Lake Alpine or […]