Bird Boxes

The use of barn owls IMG_6741in the vineyard is an age-old concept and as most age-old concepts very effective. Barn owls keep rodents out of the vineyard naturally and with nearly no cost at all. By adding owl boxes to your vineyard you don’t have to worry about trapping or using unnecessary chemicals. Barn Owls will eat most rodents from gophers to rats and other varmints that damage crops. Keep your vineyard sustainable and rodent free with our custom owl boxes.

When you purchase two hand crafted owl bIMG_6206oxes you will receive one bluebird box along with it. Blue birds are extraordinarily beneficial to the vineyard. Placing a bluebird boxin proximity to your vineyard will in turn give you sustainable pest management without the need for abundant pesticide use. Although bluebirds wont replace pesticide use entirely they will eliminate a majority of it. Bluebirds are not picky and will eat caterpillars, beetles, grasshoppers, leaf hoppers and more.

Become more sustainable and friendly to the environment we live in. Purchase your bird boxes today and change the way you farm!


img_2588Owl Box-$129.90

Bluebird Box- $24.95

Buy 2 owl boxes get one bluebird box FREE!

Shipping not included

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