IMG_0169IMG_0037DSC00335I don’t know what it is but Calaveras is Hot Hot Hot. Wait, I do know what it is and Calaveras has got it going on. Whether you are hiking through the beautiful big trees state park that echo’s with the chirps of happiness, fishing on the side of the sparkling Lake Alpine or walking the streets of a tree lined downtown Murphy’s, Calaveras is nothing far from heaven. What some don’t know is Calaveras has a little secret that many never see or know about. In order to experience this magnificent beauty one must take a long drive down some very warn roads that run along some of the most beautiful countryside in California. The Vineyards of Calaveras are the special ingredient behind the bottles of Calaveras. What most people don’t know is these vineyards are no ordinary vineyards, each one has it’s own microclimate, each one has it’s own soil type and each one has something special and unique about it that just cant be explained unless seen by the naked eye. The life of these vines come from natural elements of the earth just like any other ordinary plant but what makes these vines live a life of beauty comes from a human being that cares immensely about the level of quality they can achieve when given the right care and maintenance.

After working for Kendall Jackson for many years, developing vineyards and working with varying soils and microclimates, and living a life in the valley Mr. Stephen Collum and his wife decided they wanted to see what the mountains had to offer. They knew what they were looking for from their experience in Chianti a few years before where they both fell in love with the wonderful grape called “Sangiovese”. Calaveras happened to be the perfect place to grow such a grape, so they landed themselves in the foothills. Stephen now manages over 300 acres planted with many different varieties that fill the bottles of wine throughout Calaveras. His love for these grapes is unlike any other, Stephen takes concepts and ideas so far out of the ballpark that some may call him crazy and many have but it doesn’t stop him. Stephen does whatever he can to get the very best quality achievable.

I am here to share with you the life of the vines of Calaveras alongside the steps of the man walking the vineyard and how each day something new is brought to the table. I will be sharing with you how wonderful it is to watch these vines as they make their way through the year. From the stillness of the dormant canes to the harvest of the grape that came up at just the right sugar and picked at just the right time. There is such a beauty to the life of a vine and to watch this beauty is even more magnificent.

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