Recommended Uses

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Thank you for your interest in our Concept Covers. In order to get maximum performance out of the covers we recommended you take these steps.

Recommended Cover Uses

  • Use corner protectors for securing on transport.
  • If front covers are not against a structure, secure bottoms with Concept Cover Band.
  • Can be washed with pressure washer, preferably on fan setting and held a couple of feet away.
  • Do not add and remove adhesive tape. Will remove reflective coating.
  • Fold after use (keeps cover from becoming wrinkled)
  • Sanitize and Dry before Storage
  • Please note how the covers are folded when received- Keeping them stored this way at all times will ensure the integrity of the seams.

See picture for how to apply cover accessories to better protect your Concept Cover!

We work hard to get the best product possible to our customers and appreciate any feedback you might have.

Happy Harvest!!



Stephen Collum

Elissa Reisbeck


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