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Stephen Collum our Owner and Vineyard Manager specializes in consulting and also full management of vineyards and vineyard development. His knowledge and skills can help you in any aspect of growing you may need. Whether you have a vineyard that needs help, you want to start from the bottom up or you just don’t have the time and patience to manage one yourself, Stephen can help you achieve what is desired. Learn more about Stephen Collum.


Because we at Vineyard Concepts grow many rare variety’s to Ca, we have the ability to share them with you. We are now in the process of pruning and with that we can get pretty much any variety we grow to you in the form of budwood that is packaged and ready for grafting. Take a look at our Budwood page to see more details on what we have available.


We have the amazing opportunity of having access to some of the most beautiful countryside in California. The foothills are a unique countryside for growing grapes. We have some of the steepest planted vineyards that offer some of the most amazing spectacular views around. Just last year we decided we wanted to share this amazing place we call home with those who take passion in the unseen beauties of this world we live in. These tours will be focusing on wine graphing in the area and in general along with discussions on flora and fauna, local history and natural history in general along with our area. Our tours fill fast so check out our tours page and get your spot now.


Stephen Collum has for years tried to find a way to keep his freshly picked grapes from getting hot in the process of vineyard to winery during harvest. He has tried just about every method he could think of, yet nothing has ever worked to his liking. These covers we believe are going to help not only people in the wine industry but agriculture around the world. Please join us in the effort to getting the best possible product to our consumers. It’s the small but important extra steps we take that can help our final product climb from average to excellent. Learn more about ConceptCovers >

Check out how our Covers Work on Youtube at

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