The Vintage of Little


This year’s vintage can simply be described as little. The water was little, the berries were little, the yields were little, the crews were little and the deliveries were little but like most little things this vintage had something to prove. Although the berries this year looked weak and quite scrawny resembling a pea, not quite a grape, these berries were loaded with everything possible to make the finest of wines. The lack of water set the vines into survival mode so the vines packed everything possible into their fruit to make sure nothing was left behind. The plants this year set out to make a vintage that would not be forgotten, even if that meant risking themselves in the process. We can learn more from a vine than you would think, it’s easy to take a lack of something and give up but just like the plant weIMG_5422 should take what’s lacking and make something greater. This year little made us a lot better than we could have imagined. We learn that there is always a way to fix something and make it exceptional if you just think outside the box or even better yet, inside the outside of that box.

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